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The Stone of Radnor

The war is over, but the battle begins...

A thrilling and fast-paced story of one boys determination to seek revenge in a war ravaged land. Jaydon Riler lives in a world where the weak are easily preyed upon, but one where gods and magic guide his every turn. If you are a fan of fantasy, celtic mythology and historical fiction alike, then the Stone of Radnor is the perfect read for you.

Fourteen-year-old Jaydon sees his family murdered by warriors led by the feared warlord Landis Thornheart. The land is littered with bandits and mercenaries, and Jaydon’s life is threatened at every turn. When Jaydon finds a sword, his father’s sword, he swears to take revenge on Thornheart. Meanwhile, Thornheart, guided by the fallen god Elokar, seeks a stone, a powerful link to uncompromising power.

Jaydon seeks help, and unwittingly finds it from unexpected sources...downtrodden soldiers from the old wars, a blacksmith and a mysterious servant girl, Raven. Together they take Jaydon on a journey that he never expected, one where he encounters the dark forces in a world of myth and religious conflict, and one where he discovers family secrets kept hidden along with his true birth right.


Jaydon Riler


Landis Thornheart



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The Stone of Radnor: Work
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The World of Calaria

The Stone of Radnor is set in the fictional world of Calaria - located in the central-north region of the Isles of Thulia, a land steeped in myth and religion where people worship the three gods, Onir, Radnor and Mieses. But the banished god Elokar is plotting his revenge. 

Jaydon's journey takes him through the country, discovering a world vastly different to the peace and quiet of the small farming village of his birth.

Calaria had been ravaged from centuries of war, the countryside is full of bandits and mercenaries seeking to raid for silver.

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